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职位关键词(点击搜索): Electrical software engineer电气软件工程师; Electrical; engineer; software; 电气; 工程师; 

Electrical software engineer电气软件工程师 (735060)

招聘单位:克朗斯机械(bet皇冠体育)有限公司 [2020-03-27]  阅读:

职位名称: Electrical software engineer电气软件工程师 职位类别: 计算机/网络类
工作性质: 全职 应聘/招聘人数: 1/1
工作地区: bet皇冠体育新区 作息制度: 双休
住房食宿: 有工作餐 月薪水平: 面议或未公开
工作描述: Responsibilities:
1. Hard- and Software Engineering for processing projects including the architecture for the automation solution for the full scope of supply
2. Calculating projects resources to support the preparation of quotations
3. High focus on timelines and quality
4. Following engineering standards, contract specification and design practices to define electrical strategies
5. Creating PLC programs for Siemens S7 or Allen Bradley CLX controllers
6. Creating automation solutions with BOTEC (all varieties) and Zenon
7. Supporting project engineers in areas of electrical subjects
8. Integrating 3rd party equipment in Software solution
9. Reviewing vendor drawings and other electrical engineering documentation for compliance with contract information requirements, codes, and standards
10. Participating in sourcing 3rd party process of equipment
11. Coordinating the interfaces with 3rd party and Krones equipment
12. Preparing technical specifications for purchased equipment
13. Preparing technical evaluations of supplier’s proposals
14. Supporting proposals/services on technical issues as required

学历要求: 本科 专业类别: 电子信息类
专业名称: 不限 户籍要求: 不限
适宜性别: 不限
年龄要求: 不限 工作经验: 5 年
外语能力: 英语 良好 计算机能力: 良好
技能资质: 不限
其它要求: Qualifications:
1. Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and/or technical training in related fields
2. Good understanding on food and beverage market
3. Sound professional experience in the field of programming and the required hardware and automation infrastructure
4. Very good knowledge in S7 and/or Allen Bradley as well as control systems such as BOTEC F1, Wonderware, or Zenon
5. Good Knowledge of SAP and machine related knowledge
6. Good communication skill in Chinese & English
7. Willing to travel
职位首次录入: 2020-03-23 09:17:19
Electrical software engineer电气软件工程师-克朗斯机械(bet皇冠体育)有限公司

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